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Dear visitor, 


This site is pointing to the visible and urgent defects of people around us, such as: ignorance, insensitivity, foolishness, bad manners a.s.o. - and to their correction

Even if these character flaws are belonging to others – they injure myself (maybe you are also touched, don’t you?). Therefore I am interested in their reforming. Thus, all information on this site refers to "character building” - for me a big problem, but maybe even vital for us all. Because lack of character (i.e. bad manners) is a historical shortcoming of ours, responsible for most of the trouble with which we struggle - apparently with no chance of victory - see here

Even so ... I state that character (re)building could be achieved within a reasonable delay!

However, for such a job to succeed one has to wake up, to want a change and to use a rather unusual tool: an appropriate physical education. This opinion is based on my long experience as a teacher of Aikido, during which I could see, apply and compare the results of various educational methods. Therefore some time ago I submitted to the responsible authorities the PROJECT: "One Dojo in each Romanian school" (link). Unfortunately, this proposition was ignored until now. (Moreover, I believe this project’s implementation will have for any youngster a result as good - and also as revolutionary for his social competitiveness - as it would his access to the Internet!).

Aikido is not the only method for character building through a special physical education, but it is the most effective. Some other alternatives I know are presented in the Sections of this site. All of them are based on physical activities taking the form of apparently very dangerous adventures/ experiences, which are very impressive on the students psyche.

I try to do good actions. I considered useful to make public the knowledge I have learned in the education field, also some interesting ideas, information and rules for an efficient action. Maybe they will be of some help to other people, as they were for me. The reader will have the advantage of quickly learning them from the site, not waiting to discover them all by himself, sometime too late - as it happened to me.

I would be happy to learn that any of the information presented here has helped someone to escape from, or even to avoid some trouble. Because people's problems are similar, no matter how different the persons may be.... 

Dear visitor, 

I hope the stuff you find here is not only interesting for you, but also it will stimulate thoughts and actions for the benefit of all, not just your own. Thus we all could have a profit.

I do not write for me, but for others. However the information avalanche on the Net is as large as my inability for marketing, and my site could be not attractive enough - and therefore I could "shout in the wilderness". Any suggestion from you to increase the site impact is welcome!

Thank you in advance for any support and feedback, like: criticism, approval, review, completion, suggestion, recommending this site to a friend interested in the topic etc. With your help I could improve the site and get the courage to go and fight further. I would also be grateful for any support to implement my proposal to modernize the curriculum for physical education classes in school education.

I should very much like to see an exchange of views and ideas about character education - for increasing the competitiveness of the Romanians. Maybe together we can find a way, here and now ...

Şerban Derlogea 

 Please visit the News Section! As somebody says: “you couldn’t know what you lose if you don’t go there!”.

 The life and the educational work of Kurt Hahn, the (re)inventor of the holistic education through adventure, the creator of the Outward Bound school, in three parts (123).

 The books I authored on the education through adventures may be downloaded for free at the links indicated here (News →15.04.2010).